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If you purchased a Hyatt timeshare direct from the Designer, you can convert those points into Hyatt Gold Passport Indicate utilize at Hyatt Hotels in other places. The ability to convert into Hyatt Gold Passport Points is not offered to a Hyatt timeshare resale purchaser. All the other Hyatt timeshare booking benefits are exactly the like if you bought from the Developer.

78 1 Bed room Mountain lower levelAnnual $1,772. 26 1 Bedroom Ocean upper level Yearly $1,686. 60 1 Bedroom Mountain upper level Annual $1,773. 41 2 Bed room lower level Yearly $2,393. 59 2 Bed room mid-level Yearly $2,405. 90 2 Bedroom upper level Annual $2,407. 97 3 Bed room lower level Yearly $4,187.

45 For information on the Hyatt Points Chart and Points Value Chart, click: The next Maui timeshare resale property is the which lies right next to the Hyatt timeshare property likewise on Ka'anapali Beach. There are two phases to this Marriott timeshare resale the hotel conversion phase and the Lahaina and Napili Towers which were constructed as purpose built Marriott timeshares.

The one bed room and 2 bed room systems in the hotel conversion stage description: Marriott Maui Ocean Club The one bed room systems consist of 2 hotel spaces, 2 complete restrooms and each unit in the one bedroom systems has a partial kitchen which includes a microwave, a little refrigerator, dishwashing machine and a kitchen area sink.

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The master bedroom has a king bed and a full bath. The 2 bedroom lock-off units have a third hotel room with a bath which can be utilized as a 2nd bed room or can be utilized as a studio lock-off to get a 2nd week of vacation. This 3rd space has a king bed, a couch pullout, a microwave and a little refrigerator and sleeps approximately 4 individuals.

2015 Annual Costs for Marriott Maui Ocean Club Original Stage: 1 Bed Room: Annual $1,846. 80 2 Bedroom/3 bath lock-off: Annual $2,031. 56 The Marriott timeshare trip ownership program is a floating week timeshare program where there are two seasons. Platinum Season is floating weeks 1 51 and Platinum Plus consists of week 52 which is New Year's week.


The 2nd phase at this Maui timeshare resale at Marriott Maui Ocean Club is the Lahaina and Napili Towers, which were function developed Marriott timeshares are two and three bed room lock-off units which have a complete kitchen area, washer/dryer in the living-room and the lock-off part of each system is the studio part which has a king bed, a couch pullout, a kitchen area sink, microwave and little fridge - how to get out of my timeshare.

2015 Annual Charges for Marriott Maui Ocean Club Lahaina Villas: 2 Bed room lock-off Annual $2,276. 12 3 Bed room lock-off Yearly $2,731. 34 2015 Yearly Fees for Marriott Maui Ocean Club Napili Villas 2 Bedroom lock-off Annual $2,276. 12 3 Bed room lock-off Yearly $2,731. 34 At Lahaina and Napili Towers, Platinum season is floating weeks 1 50 and week 51 and 52 can be acquired as either repaired or floating time.

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If you purchase a drifting week you can choose any week 1 50 at that resort. The Marriott timeshare reservation system has 2 programs for making bookings. One is called Tradition Week ownership and the other is the Destination Club Points ownership program. how to sell a timeshare in florida. The program is where you buy an unit in a particular size, season, view classification, annual/biennial at a specific resort.

The program entitles you to make a reservation at your Home Resort in the season and unit type you own up to 12 months ahead of time. If you own numerous weeks in the Marriott Holiday program then you can reserve up to 13 months ahead of time consecutively you can schedule your weeks at your Home Resort in the season and kind of unit you own.

The other half is for people who own single weeks and can reserve approximately 12months beforehand. All exchanges are done through Interval International and if you purchased directly from the Designer you have the option to transform into Marriott Reward Points. Or if you acquired a resale or retail prior to June 20, 2010 you have the choice to convert into the Marriott Location Club Points program.

This entitles you to book at any Marriott timeshare resort any variety of days in any size unit, any view type (if applicable) based on the number of points you have. As a Marriot Location Club Points owner you can make reservations up to 13 months ahead of time. What is the difference between acquiring a Marriott timeshare resale versus retail? If you purchased a Tradition Week after June 20, 2010 you have the capability to make a reservation at your house resort much like if you purchased from the Designer, whether it is 12 months beforehand or if you own numerous weeks you can schedule approximately 13 months ahead of time.

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If you are a resale buyer you do not have the choice to convert into Marriott Reward Points and you don't have the option to take part in the Marriott Location Club Points Program. Of course, if you purchase from the Developer then you have the alternative to exchange through Interval International, transform into Marriott Reward Points or you the wesley foundation have the choice to register into the Location Club Points program and take part in their benefits.